Sensitive Ears: Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

With the popularity of portable products like the Apple iPhone, music players of other brands, and smartphones capable of music playing, almost everyone has earphones plugged into their ears. This is especially true with the younger generations.

Party Loud

Music players can be good. When you turn up the volume to high levels, however, listening to music can affect your hearing. Your surroundings can already be noisy enough. Your ears get pressured more when you listen to music in a noisy place.

Ear Loving Care

Ear protection is important if you don’t want to lose your sense of hearing. One out of ten Americans are already experiencing hearing loss. You don’t want to be one of them. Professionals working in noisy workplaces know this best.

Dental Noise

Many professions need ear protection. One of them is dentistry. For dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists, you know how important dental hearing protection is. It can get loud when you’re operating drills, ultrasonic cleaners, and turbine hand tools.

Screaming Jet Engines

Airports are noisy as well as you may have already notice. Workers on the tarmac hear up to 140 decibels of noise. This is a dangerous level for humans. Wearing hearing protection should always be remembered.

Banging Weapons

Gun ranges can be just as noisy. With all the shooting going on, you really need to protect your ears. Don’t try to be like a soldier or a cop. Noise levels can reach 140 decibels and even more. Guns can be worse than jet engines.

For Ordinary People

You can be just an ordinary working person but you can still use earplugs. General hearing protection is available too. Even walking through the middle of a busy street can be quite noisy. Of course, you have to do prevention measures yourself too. You can turn down the volume of your music players. You can also try not listening to music when in noisy places like the train station.

Hearing loss is not a joke. You can do your best to keep your ears safe in the same way you can keep your body healthy.