Selling your House Fast: DIY vs Real Estate Agents

The steps to selling your home are multi-faceted. There are aspects you can handle and have control over, while FasterHouse says some must be entrusted to a real estate agent. Doing so makes it easy to sell your house fast.

Below are common procedures for selling a house where a real estate agent will be useful:

  • Determining Home Value.

    Unless you’re a real estate agent, this aspect of house selling can make your head ache if you do it yourself. For one, there’s no standard formula for determining the market value of a house. But an effective agent has developed a reasonably reliable method which is also used on a case-by-case basis. Real estate columnists for Capital Gazette Bob and Donna McWilliams have explained this.

  • Handle Inquiries.

    House inquiries need to be handled professionally. There must be dedicated phone lines and other means of communication, as well as a system for notetaking and house listing. Agents can immediately schedule meet ups or visits to the area even when clients are working, out-of-town, or ill.

  • Manage Negotiations.

    House buyers, regardless of their profile, will always try their best to negotiate. Some may offer deals for financing the purchase of the property without a down payment, and they can be good offers that business-minded house sellers can benefit from. A real estate agent can help in gauging the advantage of such an offer but still leave the last decision to the owner. At times, agents can also think of creative financing options they can present to prospective buyers or investors.

  • Facilitate in the preparation of papers.

    Agents can also facilitate the preparation of the deed of sale by having arrangements with your attorney. Since they are aware of the details of the property, this can go seamlessly.

If you did try a DIY approach when selling your house, don’t worry because real estate agents will not hold it against you.