Search Engine Optimisation and How It Stacks in a Social Media-Driven World


There are many debates as to whether social medial optimisation is now more effective than search engine optimisation. More and more people are telling about how ‘dead’ the tactic of driving traffic through keywords is. Today, businesses tend to invest more on views, likes, and shares they get from social media sites, such as Facebook and Google+.

Still, ditching the whole idea of search engine optimisation out of your business strategy could be futile for your brand promotion. Here are the different reasons that despite the presence of SMO, search engine optimisation is still important today as it is in the past:

1. A Stable Source of Traffic

When people need to learn something, they do not search for it in social media platforms. Simple tips, facts, and other bits of information may come handier in search results page than from a Facebook wall. Therefore, if you are targeting your business in Perth, having a strong online presence through SEO can help you reach potential customers, concludes Digitise My Business.

2. SMO Works Better With SEO

SMO ‘drags’ the eyes of people towards good, optimised content. A business with a strong social media presence could promote a good content written in their website through social media shares and likes. This sort of ‘intersection’ between social media and search engine optimisation gives your content a great boost of credibility by telling how valuable your search engine-optimised content is to social media. In other words, social media and search engine optimisation work better together.

3. Businesses Need Greater Reach More Than Ever

Finally, businesses that focus in only one online marketing approach are missing the many other opportunities other strategies offer. To have a better, more extensive audience reach, your business should try to utilise new trends with tested ones. By mixing and integrating different online strategies in promoting your business, you can be sure that your brand resonates effectively in all corners of the digital world.

SEO has a greater reach now with social media marketing, and in concert, they fulfil all niches of an online marketing campaign.

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