Safety Tips for Metal Fabrication Shops

Whether it is a seemingly safe white-collar office work or the ever-dangerous construction work, there is always a certain level of accompanying danger to any job. Metal fabrication here in Indianapolis is no different.

They require employers legally to meet safety standards and minimize workplace injuries and accidents, but we all know that sometimes, in spite of all the measures, reminders, and other policies, accidents simply occur.

To help better prepare you for the job ahead, here are a few common injuries that occur to people who work with metal fabrication.

Materials Handling

This is, by far, the most common causes of accidents in this particular industry. Cuts, burns, or even bruises are just the minor injuries that commonly occur when people mishandle materials. As an employer, you have to put measures in place to keep your employees safe from harm.

It helps to remind them constantly of safety precautions throughout the workday, especially when dealing with hazardous materials.

Equipment Usage

Improper usage of tools can lead also lead to accidents. More importantly, the use of the wrong equipment can affect your muscles and your hands in the end. The most common conditions are carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain syndrome, and chronic hand disorders.

You can avoid these problems by always using the right tool for the job and by retraining those who seem to have forgotten how to use your equipment.

Proper Area Safety

In a metal fabrication shop, unauthorized personnel cannot gain access to some areas. These areas must always show the appropriate signage and warning labels, and must always have adequate guardrails and barriers. These guarding mechanisms are not only for large areas but also for certain parts of machinery.

For example, a cutting guillotine must contain proper guarding to keep fingers from entering the cutting area itself.

Safety must always be the number one priority in any metal fabrication shop. With a little conscientiousness and some clear-headed choices, any workplace can be 100% accident-free.