“Safety First” is Always True: The Importance of Routine Fire Safety Inspections

purchasing fire extinguisher

Routine fire safety inspections are essential to make sure that buildings comply with established guidelines on fire prevention and safety. These inspections are performed to analyze and prevent possible fire and life-safety hazards. They differ in frequency and type, depending on the prevailing laws and ordinances in the county and state where you belong.

The kind of inspection performed is related on several important factors. It’s important that you have a good understanding of the standards, codes, and guidelines and their effects on the status of your fire inspection. The codes tell the property owner what requirements need to be met as well as the type of fire protection features that need to be installed. Fire inspectors also check if your fire extinguisher needs a recharge.

Note that the training and experience of the fire inspector can greatly affect the result of the inspection process. Most inspectors answer to a supervisor, so it’s your right to inquire for a second opinion. This is in case you’re not comfortable with the way an inspector gauged the capability of your establishment to prevent or put out fires. Moreover, different establishments may have varying requirements. For instance, the fire safety requirements are different for a restaurant and that of a welding or metal works shop.

While it’s true that many people see fire inspections as a waste of time, the benefits of doing so will make sure that your establishment is safe for all occupants. For example, not many people are aware that fire extinguishers need to be recharged every five years. Otherwise, they will not be as effective in putting out a fire. Fire inspections take track of the effectiveness of the fire extinguisher you have and makes sure they’ll work as they should in case of a fire.

Here are some more benefits:

  • Safer working or living environment for staff or residents
  • Safer building for shoppers, clients, and patrons
  • Offers job and business security, as making sure an establishment is kept fire-free prevents loss of jobs
  • Offer improved resale value of the establishment or building
  • Lower rate of insurance premiums
  • Compliance with both insurance and fire code requirements

You shouldn’t ignore the importance of fire safety inspections. They play a major role in keeping the building safe from fires and, more importantly, the people within its walls.