Roles Played by Hospice Volunteers

Volunteering is a common practice, and people who do this have different reasons for doing so. Some do it because they have a heart of genuinely helping individuals in need, while others volunteer for personal benefits.

Hospice volunteering comes from the spirit of sincerely offering support to patients and caregivers in cases of the terminally ill. These volunteers have a great impact on the lives of the people they serve.

Below are some of the roles they play.

Raising money

The first role that hospice home volunteers here in Indiana do is fundraising. They plan fundraising events and activities to cater for specific needs. For example, they organize activities like designing of different artworks they can sell so that the money obtained is used for charity to help somebody in need.

The volunteers have to ensure that they use the money raised from the event appropriately and for the intended purpose.

Help patients look and feel good

Volunteers also offer cosmetology services to patients. There are licensed and properly trained individuals who help the patients to look their best by providing basic services like shampoo, hair styling for the women and neat haircuts for men.

Garden work education

Gardening and yard work is another role of hospice home volunteers. They are skilled to take care of the lawns around the hospice building and ensure that the environment is conducive and attractive at the same time. Patients can do many gardening activities like watering of flowers and weeding.

These keep the patients occupied and actually raise the quality of their lives.

There are other areas where a person can volunteer in hospice care, but the main objective is the same: to provide patients, family and caregivers with maximum support during the end of life period.

They make sure that the family members of the terminally ill do not lose hope in life and find a reason to smile even when the road gets tough.