Replace or Repair Your Roof: The 5 Questions to Ask

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Roofs are built to last. This is one of the most common misconceptions that people have. Roofs also need regular maintenance and if you fail in this department, it can affect the stability of your whole house.

Here are the five essential questions to ask yourself in order to determine if your roof already needs to be replaced.

1. Check the Time – Is It Spring or Fall?

Checking the roof is most recommended during these two seasons since these are both dry seasons, even if the temperature is just right. In summer, it is too hot, and some materials may contract. In winter, it is more difficult and there is an issue on safety. Check your roof during these times – fall also leaves a good opportunity to check the clogging.

2. Are the Shingles Still in Place?

Are the panels still secure? If there are panels that are chipping off, it may be a sign that the roof has been deteriorating. Check for roof restoration in Perth, WA and see if there can be any reinforcement placed on it or if it needs any panel changing.

3. When Was the Last Time You Replaced the Chimney Flashing?

You have to be conscious about the flashing because this is what protects your roof from rain water and winter effects. Make sure that the layers are still fastened.

4. Are the Gutters Still Working?

Check for the drains and the gutter itself by pouring water on it. If you see any leaks or find that the water takes a little too long to go down the drain, then it is time to replace it.

5. How Old is Your Roof?

One of the key questions to ask yourself is: how old is my roof?

Roofs can withstand the test of time but if it has endured decades without any strengthening, it’s about time to call your trusted roof restoration to get the job done.

Ask yourself these five questions every time and you will surely be able to maintain a good roof at home.

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