Redefining Home Beauty: Different Architecture Styles for Small Lots

small house

You decided to buy a new home and build it from the ground up. The problem is you only have limited lot space. You want to make your home stand out and maximise the design. How can you achieve this?

A narrow lot does not mean you cannot try the ideas that you want for your home. Whilst the space may be limited, you still have other ways of making your home stand out.

Here are a few home design ideas that you can try for your narrow lot:


Gothic architecture does not necessarily mean making your home look gloomy. The gothic style features grand designs of tall roofs and sophisticated windows. Gothic architecture is usually expansive and ideal for mansion, but you can still replicate this design to your small home. Consult Brisbane’s experienced small lot house builders to determine how you will recreate this design.


A retro architectural style is a combination of vintage theme and modern design. This design has a strong emphasis on colours and patterns. Think back to when cartoons had solid colouring and movement. Remember the days when everything was “funky”, “groovy” and “radical”. This architectural option is ideal for people who want to highlight the best of the 60s and combine it with the art of the 21st century.


Modern architecture highlights functionality, while retaining a simple charm. Structure is the key to modern design, looking a little bare compared with gothic and retro. Nonetheless, modern architecture features a powerful visual display of lines, shapes and colours. Modern architecture is the common design for many of today’s small lot homes.

Designing a new house from scratch and with a limited lot space entails a lot of planning. If you want your home to stand out, you will need more than just imagination.