Preventative Maintenance Software: Why You Should Be Using One Now

Preventative Maintenance Software

Preventative maintenance is all about maintaining physical assets, like manufacturing equipment or a fleet of vehicles, on scheduled, regular basis so that organisations could prevent potential equipment failures and breakdowns in the future. Otherwise, you face unforeseen repair expenses and downtime with daily operations.

Benefits of Using Preventative Maintenance Software

Mainpac defines that a crucial component of any preventative maintenance plan that follows the ISO 55000 asset management standards is preventative maintenance software. Basically, it holds all of the organisation’s equipment information to be used for monitoring periodic checkups and repairs. Ideally, the software should have mobile access so that inspectors could keep inspection data on an off the field and synchronised with the main database. The collected data could then be utilised for creating a preventative maintenance plan and track the equipment’s condition.

The following features commonly found in preventative maintenance software used for facilitating maintenance tasks:

  • Emergency Repairs: By using this software, a notice for serious defects could be designated to specific equipment in order that users could generate a work order.
  • Hierarchies and Categories: This feature will enable users set up different hierarchies and categories for the assets, components, fluids, and labour among others to make overall management easier and more organised.
  • Detailed Reports: These will showcase an asset’s criticalities in order that maintenance activities could be prioritised. Reports are generated in mere seconds and users could easily see several tasks that must be performed in a single view.
  • Asset History: Users could view past inspection and maintenance information, ensuring that all relevant users will always stay updated.
  • Asset Templates: Users could create templates for similar assets so that they won’t have to input similar details repeatedly.
  • Asset Warranty Details: These vital details could be attached to the record of an asset and easily viewed when required.

Other Things to Know

Since the performance of an organisation’s physical assets is directly related to revenue, smoother and more efficient equipment performance will lead to more profit. Planning and monitoring maintenance tasks using only standard software solutions will make it impossible to properly assess maintenance issues, manage costs, and plan budgets.

Preventative maintenance software, on the other hand, enables organisations to properly track not only their valuable physical assets but compliance and costs as well.