Popular Procedures and Activities Using Laser Technology

Laser cutting machine

The advancement in laser technology has reached far greater heights since its concept’s first introduction during the late 1950s. Now, from artistic jobs like brick engraving to delicate medical procedures such as LASIK eye surgery, the use of laser technology has evolved and still is continuously evolving.

While you may not be aware, you surely encountered at least one of its technologies every day. Here are some of the most popular processes and procedures brought by the advancement of laser technology.

Data and Communication

For instance, products and goods inside supermarkets no longer have price tags glued to it. Instead, its label has a barcode read by code readers installed at the counter. They based barcode readers on the concept of laser technology.

The same goes for reading the information saved on CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs, where reading and writing the embedded data on the optical disc takes place. Speaking of transferring data, people also use laser technology in transferring digital data and printing it on a sheet of paper.

However, more importantly, laser technology brings high-speed transfer of data through the fiber-optic network.

Medical Procedures

Medical procedures like eye cataract surgery, removing kidney and gallstones is now easier and less painful all because of the medical advancements using laser technology.

Did you know that laser cutting is just half a micron in terms of diameter? That is one hundred times smaller than the diameter of your hair!

Physical Modification

People use the same concept in activities such as brick marking and engravings, cutting of garments, and welding. Now, there are many firms involved in this particular area, such as aplazer.com.

In this process, an extremely high amount of energy is concentrated and focused on the target to alter its physical composition.

These are just some of the innovations in laser technology. Its application is seemingly endless, and it shows no sign of slowing down in the future.