Pool Fencing and Barriers: Promote Residential Pool Safety

Swimming Pool

Pools can be extremely dangerous, especially when children are left unattended. While close supervision helps, it is still important to install barriers that will prevent most submersion incidents involving young children. Completely fenced pools with self-latching devices on gates can help avoid drowning and death.

Children’s Behaviour and Safety

Toddlers or young children are very impulsive and lack a realistic sense of threat. These behaviours make swimming pools particularly dangerous for homes with young children. Pool barriers and fences provide a good layer of protection for kids when there is not enough adult supervision. These can also give you extra time to find a child before something unexpected happens.

Why Glass is Way Better

Compared to solid or wood fences, glass is a much better way to enclose a pool area. DesignNConsult.com.au says it is the preferred fencing solution in most Australian homes, as it gives a sleek and sophisticated look. This also allows better for visibility to supervise kids in the pool. Glass has no footholds or handholds, so children cannot climb the fencing and access the pool area.

The Challenges with Low Barriers

It can be easier for a child to get over a pool barrier if it is too low or easy to climb over. It is best to design a little taller barrier so children cannot go over it. Make sure to eliminate footholds or handholds and minimise the size of openings in a barrier’s construction. If you have solid barrier like bricks or stones, there should be no protrusions or indentations present.

Concerns for Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools also need barriers. The structure of the pool can serve as a barrier, or you can mount a fence on top of the pool structure. It is possible, however, for young children to climb up into the pool. Secure ladders or steps, or surround them with a barrier to prevent pool access.

Eliminating access to the pool is of one the best ways to prevent accident. Other than barriers, fences and gates, it is also best to invest in pool safety covers or door alarms, especially for indoor pools.

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