Playing Dirty: Divorce Tricks to Watch Out for

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Divorces can end in one of two ways — good or bad. If it ends in the former manner, you’ll have no problem, but if it takes the latter path, it also ends in one of two ways: bad or worse.

With high-conflict divorces, one of the ex-spouses might want to retaliate. After all, revenge seems like the best solution to make the ex pay for the wrongs they did. It gives a sense of satisfaction, the feeling that you are on top and they’re not.

While seeking revenge is tempting, it rarely gives the perpetrator a legitimate advantage. Still, it pays to know what to do and what not to do in such situations. Whether you want to retaliate or feel your spouse might seek vengeance, here are common divorce tricks to watch for:

Leaving Spouse with Nothing

Denver’s divorce attorneys are no strangers to clients thinking about leaving the marital home. Some, however, plan to do so without their soon-to-be ex-spouse’s knowledge. Their anger drives them to leave abruptly and, if possible, take everything with them. The resulting image is satisfying: the ex returns home to an empty house.

Cancelling Cards, Cleaning Bank Accounts

Money is one of the biggest weapons in divorce revenge plots. So when it comes to divorces, it’s a messy drama of credit cards and bank accounts.

In terms of credit cards, some spouses choose to pause their soon-to-be ex’s lives by calling the company and canceling it. As a result, the other spouse faces rejection notices and a cashier saying their card has been declined. Others choose to clean out bank accounts, thinking it offers immediate satisfaction and security.

Embarrassing the Spouse

Some people wish to teach their ex-spouse a lesson they’ll never forget. In some cases, they send subpoenas or summons at work or other embarrassing places. Others will go to great lengths in revealing too many details to others, hoping family and friends will change their perception of the other spouse.

All of these dirty tricks can make things worse for both you and your spouse. Beware of these dirty divorce tricks and see your separation through in peace.