Places to Look for Evidence of Liability in a Car Crash

Two cars in an accident
When a car accident happens, your argument that the other party was at fault can be strengthened if you find evidence for your position. An experienced Oklahoma car accident attorney can help you obtain necessary proof of liability. Little Oliver Gallagher PLLC recommends some places you can look to support your argument.

1. Police Reports

The police who come to the scene of an accident make a written accident report. The report contains crucial details about the crash. It may also provide an officer’s opinion of the accident and action taken by the parties involved. You may find a copy of your auto accident report at the local traffic division. If the relevant report mentions a traffic law violation or indicates negligent behavior, it can serve as an excellent support in proving your claim.

2. State Traffic Laws

Every state has laws that regulate driving within their jurisdiction. These rules of the road can support your argument that another party was at fault. You can find Oklahoma’s Vehicle Code in law libraries, some public libraries, and at your local department of auto vehicles office.

3. “No-Doubt” Liability

Vehicles are required by law to stop the car if traffic is stopped ahead of them. Any driver who can’t stop safely and causes a rear-end crash is virtually always at fault, regardless of why the victim stopped. Another no-doubt liability involves left-turn crashes. A vehicle involved in an accident when making a left turn is held liable 99 percent of the time.
Deciding who is at fault in a crash is a matter of finding out who was careless. In your argument to an insurer, you will need evidence that another party was negligent. Knowing where to look for the necessary evidence is key to proving your innocence.