Pests Facts You Should Know

Man lifting bed mattress for inspectionBugs have been thriving on earth for 400 million years, according to fossil record. They have been around so long they can readily adapt to various environmental conditions. Perhaps their resilience is the reason for this longevity.

Here are some bug facts you really should take note of before you flush them out of your home.

Their overwhelming numbers

Just how many bugs are there? If you wish to know the numbers, you only have to go online and search for specific pest populations. If you start with ants – some of the most familiar pests in the world today – you will learn that there are an estimated ten quadrillion ants on earth today.

There are 15 zeros in that estimate if you are wondering. Meanwhile, the estimated count for termites is 270 trillion—and there are 12 zeros in that figure. Their actual numbers could be more especially since we cannot account for all the colonies of ants and termites on the planet.

The ickiest of them all

There are a few insects with worse reputations than the cockroach. They creep, crawl, and scare people away from their homes. A common misconception is that cockroaches thrive in mostly dirty surroundings. The truth is, they will thrive wherever there are water and a consistent food source.

Unfortunately, for humans who live with them, cockroaches harbor microorganisms that cause illness, particularly in the weak and the young. Aside from allergies, some of the pathogens these insects carry around cause cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and tuberculosis.

Gruesome bedbugs

Call a bed bug exterminator company in Indiana the moment you discover their presence. These insects have a gruesome way of reproducing, which involves the injection of the male organ into the abdomen of the female insect.

They feed on the blood of sleeping humans who are mostly unaware of their presence. Worse, they carry parasites, which may cause serious illness

Most consider pests as nasty creatures, which carry diseases where they roam. If you have a bug infestation at home or work, you have reason to be worried. Once they have established themselves, it can be difficult to get rid of them.