PERS Monitoring 101: Your Security Company Really Needs It

Medical monitoring systemsIn today’s extremely competitive world of residential and commercial security, companies need to gain an edge over the competition or they'll lag behind. With so many consumers and business owners wanting to ensure the safety and security of their families, properties, and assets, they can choose the competition over you when you don't offer what they need.

One of the most important features consumers look for in a comprehensive security service is medical monitoring, also known as medical alert or Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). By offering PERS monitoring services, AvantGuard Monitoring Centers says you get the much-needed advantage over your competitors.

What it is

Medical monitoring systems are alarms signaling the presence of a threat that requires immediate attention. The system sends a signal to the security firm’s central monitoring station, notifying them of the need for emergency medical personnel to a client’s house or place of business.

The technology behind it

Most PERS devices come with transmitters or wireless pendants the user can activate during emergency situations. Once activated, the central station will receive the signal, prompting them to immediately summon medical emergency services (like ambulance, 911, etc.) to the user’s location. The transmitters or pendants may also have preset phone numbers (such as family members) that the central station will contact.

Why your security company should invest in medical monitoring services

There are many good reasons your security firm should invest in medical monitoring services. Many consumers want the most comprehensive security systems. Because they value their health and the well-being of their loved ones, they often prioritize medical alarms.

By providing round-the-clock medical monitoring, you can rest assured that you'll have more consumers lining up at your door, wanting to do business with you. Give them what they need and increase your bottom line at the same time through the provision of PERS monitoring services.