Patron Counters: What You Need to Know About Them

chicago tourist attractionA patron counter has become a must-have in many public places, particularly libraries, information centers, art galleries, museums and other places of tourist attraction. It is of significant importance, though for commercial establishments and retail locations to record the amount of foot traffic it sees on a daily basis.

In a store for instance, says smart patron counters will keep accurate visitor count and help justify measures for funding and staffing. It also enables the store’s manager to gauge which areas or segments of the said retail location see the most foot traffic. The figures provided by these counters also help determine if a store needs to modify operating hours to ensure maximum visits. The staffing decisions are also guided by patron counters as they track the days and times that happen to be the busiest.

The principal use of patron counters is keep track of people traffic. These are set up in doorways and count the number of people entering and leaving. At the day’s end, the total number shown by counter is divided by two and the exact people’s footfall is calculated. These are also fitted with Photo Electric Sensors along with a Counter Module fixed to a singular bracket, which is black mounting and has a power adapter plugged in. The sensor’s position is across its reflector, and can pick up footfall from a distance of five meters or seventeen feet.

The Counter Module or Sensors are placed on a bracket with single mounting and is easy to install using just only two screws or double-sided adhesive tape also. The bracket, being slightly larger than the counter module and sensor, is designed in a manner that protects it from accidents and bumps. This prevents damage and ensures that the sensor won’t lose alignment with the gadget’s reflector. There is also the flexibility of bolting the Sensor on the bracket and it will point to the front or on both sides.

The day’s footfall count can be reset to zero with a magnet to the LCD’s right. These counters are usually, quite small in size and make it possible for setting up discreetly at the establishment’s entrance. These characteristics are what make accurate patron counters an essential in the world of retail and commercial operations.

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