Patio Building Guide: Four Patio Building Materials to Choose from

outdoor patio at night

Building a patio is one of the best ways to put a vacant yard space to good use. This project allows you to extend your living space and increase not only your home’s appeal but also its resale value. Before you start such a project, it is wise to know your options when it comes to the building material.

There are a variety of patio building materials to choose from. It pays to know which among your options suits your style preference, functionality needs, and budget. Here is a quick guide to the common options when building a patio.

Natural stone

Natural stones such as flagstone, bluestone, limestone, and slate give patios an earthy, classic appearance. Its natural features are so unique you cannot find them in any other material. You can buy them in uniform shapes, but if you want organic-looking flooring, get them as irregular slabs. Natural stone doesn’t come cheap as it is quarried and has to be shipped by truck. Installation can also be costly.

Clay brick

Clay brick lends a warm and neat look to your patio. Made from clay and other materials, bricks go well with almost any type of landscape and style. According to patio suppliers, this option comes in different colours and can be combined to form various styles and designs. Bricks are easy to install and can be laid in various patterns.


Pavers are one of the most versatile among patio materials. They are typically made from concrete, stone, clay, and even recycled materials. Although patio pavers are man-made, you should never underestimate its charms. They are manufactured to mimic natural stone and bricks for a fraction of price. They are also very easy to install, making them a friendly option for DIYers.


Concrete also makes for wonderful home material. As poured concrete can be fashioned into any form or shape, you get numerous style and design options. Concrete can also be coloured and stamped to achieve the look and feel of other more expensive solutions. The material is also highly durable – with proper installation and maintenance, you can expect your patio to last for many years.

These are only some of the most common patio building material. Carefully choose the one that best suits your home’s existing design, the function of your outdoor living space, and your budget. As a last piece of advice, work closely with a reputable patio supplier, so you can get advice and make the best choice.