Own the Season: Prepping Your Shop for the Holidays

holiday rush

The holidays are perhaps one of, if not the most important season for retailers across the globe. Despite the workload and demands, sales over the holidays typically make up a great portion of the store’s annual income.

While most shop owners start developing their sales strategy just a month before the holidays, you need to come up with a concrete plan as early as September or October. It may sound too soon, but keep in mind that consumer demands are unpredictable, and you will find it difficult to attend to the same matters in the middle of the holiday rush.

Here are some reminders to keep in mind:

Unclutter the Racks and Shelves

Check your stagnant stock keeping units (SKUs) and decide when you are going to put them on sale before October even starts. Uncluttering your racks and shelves will make room for new and seasonal products. It will also help shape buyer decision since you are eliminating things they do not necessarily need.

If you do not want to get rid of products by putting discount tags, then just limit the supply. You can always bring them back once the holidays are over.

Offer Christmas Variants of Existing Products

If you do not want to expand your inventory by offering completely new products, you can just offer the Christmas versions of the existing items. You may add smartphone cases with Santa Claus designs to your catalog. You may start offering Christmas cakes and cookies on top of your regular pastries.

Show the Celebratory Vibe

Sometimes, you are too consumed by the logistical requirements that you forget to show the fun and festive vibe. Christmas allows for so many marketing opportunities, so you might as well invest in festooning your shop with pine trees and tinsels. You may commission companies like RooftoDeckDecoration.com for your Christmas lighting.

Once you are all done with the preparation, it is time to announce that your shop is ready for Christmas. Spread the news through your website, social media pages, and emails. You may also organize a small event to kick off the season in your store.