One Weekend is Enough to Waterproof your Home

Climate change has brought about a change in weather patterns that constantly surprises us with random showers and storms. While rain makes sweater weather possible, large amounts of it can cause unspeakable damage to your home. Leaving it unresolved not only increases the risk for leaks, it can also lead to diminished property value.

Fortunately, waterproofing your home only requires a short amount of time. One weekend is already enough.

Repairing Rain Gutters

No one enjoys cleaning or repairing gutters. It takes time and it is incredibly difficult, especially if you are a first-time DIY-er. Still, there are a few ways to make the job easier and only take a few hours.

For clogged downspouts, use barbecue tongs to reach in and pull out dirt and leaves. This doesn’t always work, but considering your original option — flushing the clog out with a hose and getting covered in gutter dirt — this is worth a try. Also, use extra-long lag screws instead of loose gutter nails.

Fixing Concrete Cracks

Despite their durable nature, concrete is not susceptible to cracks. When you spot tiny cracks on your foundation, do not ignore them. Repair is necessary for large or small cracks to prevent the water from softening the ground, which results in more.

For cracks less than 1/4″, BASEco, provider of foundation and concrete solutions, recommends applying concrete caulk for repairs. Clean the crack with a high pressure nozzle, let it dry, and carefully apply some caulk on it. For larger cracks, a substitute concrete patch is suitable.

Addressing Damaging Rust

It used to be that a good paint job required removing the rust before painting it over with a wire brush. Today, paint additives help the paint to stick on the rust while neutralizing it, which stops corrosion from continuing.

Prevent rust by keeping your fixtures well-lubricated. One of the most common mistakes homeowners do is using silicon or light oil from spray cans. These often dilute or evaporate existing lubrications, which only worsens the situation. For latches and gate hinges, use heavy grease instead.

Waterproofing your home need not take a large chunk off your schedule. Setting aside one weekend is enough to ensure a worry-free rainy season.