On Luxury Homes: Features Buyers Demand

Housing Market in UtahThe housing market continues to be bullish, and this is evident in all demographics. As much as regular detached homes have increased in value and in sales, so did luxury homes. As such, it's important to focus the spotlight on these properties, too. Doing so would allow you to have a deeper understanding of how the market moves.

Let’s start with the features that luxury home buyers demand from properties. Seasoned luxury homebuilders from Utah share four features usually constructed in a house.

Built-in Technology

High-end buyers get very specific when it comes to the technology that comes with their home, say the experts. Custom built-in technology is almost always on top of the list of priorities in luxury homes. After all, with the overall value of the home, it’s important for it to have a high-tech security system. HVAC zones, touch pads, and electronic window shades are all nice touches, too. Heated bathroom floors are – unsurprisingly – common as well.

High-End Landscaping

The first thing luxury homes get right is the curb appeal – and that begins with great landscaping. It's important for a luxury home to have stunning landscapes, especially near the pool area. The grass has to be immaculate, as well as the shrubs, trees, and pathways.

Master Suites

A master suite is crucial in any high-end property. It has to be spacious and downright luxurious. It has to be a level higher than your typical master bedroom. A king sized bed should go with a sitting area, a walk-in closet, and a steam shower, at the very least.

View Decks

Hard Rock Homes says the location is the most important factor in the value of a home, which is why high-end locations have stunning views. These are areas where you can just go outside and look at the magnificence of the scenery. For this reason, view decks are usually present in a luxury home. Paired with decent landscaping, it could elevate the home’s appeal.

If you’re looking for a good high-end property on the market, make sure these features are present.