No More Counting Sheep: Natural Remedies to Fall Asleep

If you normally find it difficult to fall asleep, you may have tried innumerable remedies to drift off. One of these may include counting sleep. While others swore by this method, this doesn’t work for many people. Researchers from the Oxford University think so too, noting it may add anxiety for some, making dozing off much more difficult.

When you have trouble falling asleep, other remedies can work well than counting sheep. Most of these are all-natural and won’t require the use of pills or any other medication.

Get Up

If you’re lying in bed and can’t sleep after 20 minutes, get up and go to another area in your house. Do some relaxing activities out of bed like listening to calming music or reading a book. Note that lying wide-awake can create a bad link between your wakefulness and bedroom. It is best that your sleeping environment only invokes sleepy feelings and thoughts.

Lights Off

Disconnect from any electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. The blue light from these screens can fool your brain and tell you that it’s not the right time to fall asleep. It also advisable to keep your sleep environment quiet and dark to avoid waking up too early. You can use darkening shades to block the lights outside and earplugs to block sounds.

Invest in Comfort

Sometimes, it is difficult to sleep when the environment is not calm enough. Apart from the making the room dark and quiet, it also best to make it comfortable. Your body can relax better when your mattress, bedding, and pillows are soft and comfy. Cozy Earth recommends investing in new cotton sheets or bamboo duvet cover to promote sleep. Be sure to set the right temperature, which can be somewhere between 60F and 67F.

Keep it the Same

Experts suggest waking up the same time daily to help drift off at night. This is true even if you feel lazy or tired when waking up in the morning. Keep this habit even on weekends. This will help your body clock adjust and allow you to fall asleep much easier.

Experiment with other natural sleep aids to doze off in no time. You can try a warm bath, smell lavender (or other aromatherapy oils), and switch from coffee to herbal tea. You can also contact a sleep doctor to help manage your insomnia.