Natural Remedies: Less Pain and Better Joint Health with Paractin

Promoting Joint Health

How many days have you missed at work because of joint pain?

If your mind is open to trying out alternative treatments, natural supplements promote a healthy inflammatory response and joint function, which can be the solution to your joint pains. One of the most popular alternatives to pain relievers today is the over-the-counter supplement, Paractin. This dietary supplement is also proven safe.

Pain relief within half an hour

Evidently, you can purchase a dietary supplement that can give you relief from stiffness and pain within half an hour. This is the promise of ParActin. As explained by, its main ingredient is the Andrographis Paniculata extract, an herb native to India.

Some of the bioactive compounds found in the supplement are Andrographolide, 14 Deoxyandrographolides and Neoandrographolides. The active ingredients act on cytokines, which are compounds that mediate pain and inflammation in the human body. Over-expression of these compounds manifest as a significant pain sensation, and therefore, any substance that can control them effectively reduces the perception of pain. Time and again, natural remedies prove to be potent, reliable, and safe. Trying out this product can do no harm, since there are no reported negative side effects.

Limitations of the natural supplement

Nevertheless, your expectations must be clear. The product does not promise a retardation of the joint degradation associated with arthritis. It does not stimulate cartilage growth as well. If you take it as prescribed, you will enjoy the benefits of a stronger immune response. That is the expected result with a daily dosage of 25 to 50 mg daily. When taken daily in high doses (i.e. 175-250 mg), the results are more concentrated on an improved inflammatory reaction.

People who live in an arthritic condition suffer from considerable amounts of pain and discomfort. If you live with this kind of pain every day, you are probably keen on learning about science-backed natural pain remedies. However, consult your primary physician before you start taking any supplements, especially if you are taking different kinds of medication.