Must-Do Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks for New Homeowners

When the ambient temperature causes discomfort to the human body, workers find it difficult to perform tasks. Any environment that is too hot, whether at work or at home makes people work less effectively. People also make more mistakes when they do not feel comfortable. HVAC systems specifically designed for residential use are making homes more comfortable places to live in.

Keeping HVAC systems working optimally for a cool and comfortable home

Proper maintenance of air-conditioning systems is crucial, says. Professional services are on hand if you want to be proactive about HVAC maintenance. In fact, everyone has online access to contractor directories. Meanwhile, you should also be aware that as homeowner, you have a number of responsibilities concerning the care of your heating and cooling appliances.

Filter watch

Air conditioners are complex systems that depend on a number of parts working in harmony to function at 100 percent capacity. One of the components of air-conditioners is the filter. Homeowners should find time to inspect the filter to see if the particles trapped on its surface are already overwhelming it. If the filter is saturated with the particles it removes from the air, air conditioning function becomes compromised. Specifically, the unit will suffer from reduced airflow. As more particles of dirt and other pollutants accumulate on the filter surface, the quality of air suffers as well. HVAC filters must be changed every three to four months, and more often for households with family members suffering from respiratory disease and allergies.

Lowering the load

Cooling a room requires energy, and any factor that increases the amount of heat in the room adds to the load on the HVAC system. If the insulation, shading, and seal are at optimal levels, the AC unit does more work, and requires more energy in the process. Do what you can to lighten the load.

If you are the proud owner of a new home, you will definitely appreciate the comforts of having a modern air conditioning appliance. Nevertheless, proper upkeep is necessary in order to keep the system working optimally, especially in the hot summer months.