Mortgage Planning: Your Solution to Landing a Loan

Do you want to save money and time in finding the perfect mortgage? Learn to compare various loan offers from different mortgage companies and study their loan process. Different lenders deliver varying products, but the loan process is generally the same. Nonetheless, some lenders make the loan process seem a little more complicated for their clients, which is contrary to mortgage lending rules.

The Process

Regardless of who is offering you a mortgage loan, you have to go through the following stages:

1. The prequalification stage: The lender gathers your personal information to conditionally determine whether you qualify for the loan or not.

2. The application stage: You actively apply for the mortgage to begin the loan process.

3. The processing and underwriting stage: You and the lender review the information in the documentation.

Once you successfully cover these stages, the lender will order insurance and similar protections as you satisfy other approval contingencies. This will happen before the lender schedules a closing date. During the closing stage, the lender will fund you with the loan.

This process, however, varies among mortgage companies in St. George as they strive to remain competitive. This degree of competitiveness highly affects their consistency in interest rates and mortgaging schemes with respect to the loan product. You must consider factors, such as your needs, the type of loan, and mortgage servicing fees.

Opportunity Cost

Shop around for a mortgage loan that not only suits your needs. Make sure the process assures you a higher chance of saving you money. You could be foregoing a better alternative in choosing the first offer you land from a loan agent, or in replicating an offer that a mortgage broker had previously serviced you with.

Choose the right mortgage planner to help you land concise reviews for mortgage companies in St George. This will provide you with the right finances for your home purchase.