More Bandwidth, Faster Processing Please

Server Technology

Today’s data centers process massive amounts of data at record speeds. To deliver quality results, every aspect of the system’s design should be optimized, which also includes the transceiver technology. Most centers connect at 100 Mbps or higher and require all transceiver technologies to meet the demand for bandwidth.

Optical Transceivers: The Smaller and Affordable Option

Transceivers such as Cisco’s GLC-LH-SMD were a game changer. Designers sought optical transceivers that required less power and also cost less. Products that met these requirements were recognized as XFP multisource agreements (MSA).

The external packages of transceivers are shrinking. From the regular 4”x3.5” to a 2.3”x0.68” package. This significant transition allowed for a transformation of servers, making them more streamlined and smaller.

As a result, the power consumption dropped from 10W to 3W — a great improvement in transceiver technology.

The Potential

Technology companies exert extra effort to develop transceivers just for data centers. These devices convert electrical signals into optical signals, which allow efficient and safe transfer from one server to another. Some companies also offer transceivers capable of transmitting 40 Gbps data, others attempting to exceed 100 Gbps.

As the cloud industry reaches newer heights, experts believe optical transceivers will continue to aim for and reach faster speeds. The new trend serves as a kind of assurance for manufacturers, especially those who seek to improve their transmission speeds.

The Effect on Server Technology

It’s all about more bandwidth. 10 Gbps speeds are possible, especially if you use the right technology. But designers should still find other alternatives to optimize their systems for design and implementation. These ports can increase density and reduce the cost for other transceivers.

Designers who wish to upgrade their server technology can rely on optical transceivers. With every detail in place, businesses can also expect faster processing and more space.