Monsoon Season Preparedness Tips

Rain pouring on a roof

Monsoon season brings about massive shifts not just in weather patterns but in Utah’s landscape as well. That’s why it’s important to be ready before the season begins.

Here are tips to prepare for the season’s heavy rains and strong winds.

Ready Your Roof

Before the monsoon months starts to kick in, inspect your roof for any leaks. Contact a contractor in Utah who can repair any leak on your roof to ensure that you won’t have to contend with that problem when the rainy season starts.

Clean gutters and downspouts, as well, to keep water away from your home’s foundation.

Check Out the Drainage

Evaluate your yard for any drainage issue. If you see water pooling in an area of your yard during seasonal rain, you have to take care of it before the monsoon season hits. Otherwise, it’ll be a major problem.

Doing this would prevent flooding in your property. If you think your yard needs the attention of professionals, landscape specialist should be able to help you.

Trim the Trees

Prepare the plants in your surroundings beforehand. Strong monsoon winds coupled with heavy rains could eventually loosen the soil and uproot the trees in your yard.

It’s best to cut off branches that could cause damage to your property should it snap off during storms. Additionally, you should also protect new plants especially those that may not withstand the intense weather by staking them down.

Clear Out the Garage

Monsoon season is not the time to park your car in the driveway as falling branches and floods could easily damage your vehicle. Before the season comes, clear out the garage to make room for your vehicles so they can be safe from the intense weather.

Most importantly, you and your loved ones’ safety are of utmost priority. Be updated with weather forecasts, don’t risk driving in flooded areas, and identify safe routes to your house in case of extreme weather condition.