Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Photo Reveals She has a Supernumerary Tooth

Dental X-Ray

If you think celebrities live in a parallel universe where everyone’s teeth are straight and perfect, Miley Cyrus’ dental x-ray might lead you to think otherwise.

The actress-singer posted an x-ray of her pearly whites on her Instagram account, and it did not take long for comments to start pouring in. One spectator, a dental assistant, even pointed out that her wisdom teeth are impacted and she might encounter problems with her other molars if she doesn’t deal with the impacted ones quickly.

Miley might have heeded the advice, as shortly after, she posted a photo of her recuperating after she had five wisdom teeth extracted. Yup, Miley Cyrus had five wisdom teeth, but that’s not a reason to panic — she did the right thing by seeing the dentist.

Why does Miley have five wisdom teeth?

It’s more common for adults to have four wisdom teeth, but some people end up with more. According to, dentists refer to this condition hyperdontia or supernumerary teeth.

Although the causes of supernumerary teeth are still unidentified, studies like the one conducted by Kumar and Gopal suggest it is hereditary. They also believe disease processes and the dichotomy of the tooth germ cause this condition.

What if Miley never had her extra tooth removed?

Regardless of the cause, dentists recommend its removal to avoid complications, as a supernumerary tooth may damage the dental organs close to it. It may also harm the structures supporting the normal teeth.

If Miley didn’t have her extra tooth pulled, the adjacent normal teeth may suffer from misalignment or overcrowding, or her normal teeth may not erupt. The extra tooth may also cause pathological conditions such as a cyst formation. Dentists usually extract the extra teeth consecutively, and Miley’s case might just be an exception.

Dentists recommend close monitoring of supernumerary teeth, as in extreme cases, the total number of teeth may reach 100 or more. In such instances, the teeth become too crowded inside the mouth, and the only solution is surgery. Most times, several operations are necessary before the person regains their mouth’s normal function.