Microbes and Other Undesirables: What’s Hiding in Your Carpet?

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Your home’s carpet is usually the last thing you think about when you do some general cleaning around the house. After all, how dirty can a rug get when it’s just down on the floor? It may surprise you that the simple carpet centrepiece in your living room or the rug on your front door can actually be entire ecosystems teeming with microbial life that can negatively affect your health.

What’s Hiding in the Carpet?

Carpets and rugs make great breeding grounds for a plethora of microbial life, ranging from bacteria to fungus. Many carpet cleaning authorities online, such as AJetServices.co.nz, explain that it is due to the fibres being compact, trapping in heat and moisture longer than it should. The result is an environment that’s perfect for nasty things to proliferate.

The kind of bacteria and microbial life living in your carpets and rugs depends on the conditions. One bacterium in particular feels right at home in a damp and dirty carpet – Staphylococcus. They have a habit of clinging to athletes or people frequenting the gym, partly due to their attraction to heat and moisture.

They easily find their way to your carpets and rugs (perhaps someone stepped on it?), and if it’s dirty and damp, they’ll feel right at home.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Carpet

Bacteria like Staphylococcus may cause health problems, ranging from minor infections to life-threatening diseases. You’ll be lucky to get a pimple or boil from this particular bacterium – some strains may cause pneumonia, sepsis and even toxic shock syndrome. There’s even a stronger strain that’s resistant to penicillin.

The threat of diseases is one of the main reasons it’s important to clean your carpet and rug regularly, even when it doesn’t see much use. You shouldn’t wait for your carpets to start stinking or worse, infecting you and your family with diseases.

Ideally, you should replace your carpets and rugs every week. Make sure it’s cleaned properly and aired out. Bathroom rugs, on the other hand, should be replaced depending on how damp it has become. Even if you’ve cleaned your bathroom extensively, microbial life may still be present in the carpet itself. To make sure they’re clean and bacteria free, consider getting professional help from your local carpet cleaning company.

The next time you do some general cleaning around the house, don’t forget to replace and clean your carpets and rugs. A clean carpet is not only good to look at; it’s also free from potentially dangerous bacteria and other microbial life.