Mediation: The Key to Friendlier Separation and Easier Settlement

Mediation in Ogden

Sometimes, the only way to save what’s left on a failed marriage is to end it. The decision to file for divorce is not easy, but most of the time necessary.

This situation often causes major challenges and issues to couples, their children, and their respective families. One good example is the stress and cost of attending a series of court hearings. Fortunately, there’s a way to save you from the need to bring the case to the court.

Settling Things Without the Help of the Court

Mediation is a process where a separating couple seeks to come up with a settlement, in hopes of abolishing the need for costly and time-consuming court procedures. Couples sit down with a mediator to tackle the problem and their respective plans. The mediator, acting as an independent third party, must be someone practicing family law.

The goal is to reach a sound and mutually advantageous resolution to the ex-couple’s disputes.

Benefits of Mediation

Not all mediation ends up with a settlement, but family law attorneys in Ogden and other parts of Utah emphasize the good things about undergoing this process. First, it can work as an avenue for both parties to listen to each other’s sentiments. This can be important when it comes to their co-parenting duties if they have a child.

Second, mediation could also open up the chance of finding a “common ground.” Knowing that you have similar views on some matters can be helpful in recognizing common interest. This is especially useful when talking about child custody and support.

The last and most important benefit is it lets you decide for your family. When you reach a settlement through mediation, you can make a joint decision on what’s best for both parties and the children. It means you won’t need a judge to make a decision that can greatly affect everyone’s lives later on.

Mediation could be the key to a friendlier separation and a convenient settlement of issues. Learn more about mediation by consulting a family law specialist.