Massage Therapy Can Give You More than Relaxation

Massage relaxationWhen was the last time you had some R&R and got an hour-long massage? Chances are you just went through it to take yourself away from the everyday stresses of life. But, did you know that massage therapy is more than just a way to de-stress?

A Happier, More Satisfied You

The great thing about massage is that it offers a combination of physical and psychological benefits. As in Salt Lake City explains, massage therapy is essential to wellness. Massage helps in uplifting your mood and reducing anxiety, which has much to do with the regulation of your stress hormone known as cortisol. This explains why you feel rejuvenated after an hour of massage.

Treat Your Sore Muscles or Aching Neck

If you think about it, massage therapy involves different hand motions to relieve the pressure points across your body. This helps in releasing some of the knots and tension on sore areas that you might have neglected. Moreover, some physicians may even recommend massage therapy if you recently suffered from a sports injury or whiplash.

Massage therapy enhances blood flow, which allows easier passage of nutrients. In turn, the nutrients can flow through the injured area for faster healing. The affected muscles would get their needed rest, as massage relieves the tension and soreness. Eventually, the stiffness in your muscles will start to get better.

When to Get a Massage

Note that this doesn’t mean you should only get a massage when you are in pain. Massage therapy may also play a role in injury prevention, as some researchers suggest. One thing is clear; massage can provide you with tons of benefits that go beyond the pleasure.

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a massage and lay off the stress for a while—it might just be what you need right now.

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