Making Your Tiny Living Room Appear Bigger

For the person whose living room is large, the dilemma is how to create a space that feels intimate and cozy, yet stills retain the ambiance of freedom. For the owner of the tiny living room, the desire is to make it appear bigger. If yours is a small living room, the ideas below will work to help you achieve the desired effect.

De-clutter your living area

This goes for any other room in your house. Whenever you de-clutter a room, it appears serene, peaceful and spacious.

For the living room, instead of stashing a pile of magazines in one corner, install an attractive shelf where you can organize them. Make sure the shelf’s color complements the color of the rest of the house décor.

Get rid of bulky wall hangings as well as any ill-fitting accents on the walls. In their place, install some decorative mirrors. Try installing mirrors at the entryway to reflect light into the living room to make it look brighter and bigger.

Repaint your living room

If the paint on your walls currently is some darker shade, this then explains why the room appears smaller. Dark shades tend to absorb light making a small room appear even smaller. Go for soft tones and hues of your favorite color. Furthermore, you can use paint creatively to highlight architectural features like your interior arch door and to create an illusion of a large space. 

Replace your furniture

Choosing furniture that can be folded or wheeled away when not in use will work to your advantage. Also, place your furniture away from the wall.

There are various things you can do to make a living room appear larger, but even as you implement these different ideas, your personal taste in the selection of colors, materials and style should always guide you.