Making Informed Decisions Regarding Apartments

Clean apartmentExtended stay apartments have many benefits over hotel room rental. In Norfolk Virginia, travel companies advise their clients to look for extended stay fully furnished apartments instead of renting a hotel room. This is particularly true if they are to spend several days in and around the state.

If you are planning to visit Virginia and you want to make the best of your stay, you need to find the best apartment accommodation. Industry experts from Corporate Living Solutions share some pointers you help you make the right choice:

Large Space

Extended stay apartments offer you a large space, unlike some hotel accommodations that will limit you to just a single room. If you come to extended stay facilities in Richmond, Norfolk, Washington DC and surrounding areas of Virginia, you will get a fully furnished apartment complete with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom.


Want to save some cash during your stay in Virginia? Buy some groceries and cereals and store them in the refrigerator. It will cost less to cook your meals than it would cost you if you eat at the hotel. Your fully equipped kitchen will be an advantage.

Home Away From Home

Your fully furnished extended stay apartment comes with everything you need for your stay – television, Internet connection, housewares, utilities, and cable. You can run your business right from your apartment.

Convenient for Family

Travel and tour companies advise their clients to rent fully equipped apartments if they are traveling with their families. You need an apartment with several bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate your family's needs.

Different Sizes to Choose From

With extended stay apartments, you get the chance to choose what size of an apartment you want. If you want an affordable apartment for one, a fully furnished studio can do. A fully furnished home comes in handy when you need a big and comfortable space for the whole family.

Extended stay apartments are the ideal accommodation option for corporate, military, government and insurance clients. These give you confidentiality, efficiency, and unlimited potential to perform your duties.