Make Your Lawn the Envy of Your Neighbors with These Tricks

healthy lawn

Healthy, vibrantly green grass and plants can make anyone feel relaxed and soothed. The sight of leaves and flowers swaying gently in the breeze can calm anyone and help reduce stress levels.

It’s for this reason that you should start thinking of transforming that bare piece of land, whether in front or back of your house, into a lush lawn filled with healthy and beautiful flora. Even when you don’t have a green thumb, you can still successfully make your lawn healthy. The Lawnsmith, a professional lawn mowing service operating in Minneapolis, MN offers these tips to homeowners:

Know the difference between proper watering and drowning.

Minneapolis summers are hot and humid, which can spell trouble for your grass and plants. Don’t panic right away when you see the leaves change into a slightly brownish color, though. This is a natural process that they undergo during the warm season; when they turn dormant.

As the sun’s heat can dry up moist quickly to the point that it won’t reach the plant’s roots, you have to ensure that the water deeply penetrates the soil. This is different from over watering, though, which can cause the roots to drown. Moreover, over watering can lead to a fungus gnat infestation.

Nourish the soil that nourishes your lawn.

Feeding your lawn means feeding the soil, which supplies the nutrients your flora needs to survive and thrive. However, the soil needs more than just water; it also needs supplements from fertilizers.

Keep in mind that fertilization isn’t a weekly or a monthly activity. Lawn experts recommend doing this only twice a year, or your soil can end up having a chemical imbalance due to over fertilization. A good strategy to follow is to carry this task before the summer and again around November.

Having an amazing view filled with bright, colorful, and most importantly, healthy plants are something to always look forward. With these tactics, you can enjoy such views for the most part of the year.