Make over your smile for summer

Perfect Smile

Summer is – supposedly – upon us, and many people will be getting ready for a trip to sunnier climes. Whether holidaying with friends, family, or taking a solo adventure in your gap year, you will want to ensure you look your best in all those Instagram photos. You’ve chosen the perfect outfits for beach or city break, have ensured everyone has their passports and tickets at the ready, arranged the pet sitter and booked some much-earned time off work. But have you forgotten about your smile?

One of the great things about travelling overseas is getting to experience different cultures. A smile, however, is universal, and can help you to be understood even if you’re struggling with the language barrier. It’s also the first thing most people notice when meeting someone new. If you’re worried your current smile isn’t a true reflection of your personality, a quick course of cosmetic dental treatment could provide just the boost you need.

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures take less time than you’d imagine. At Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire there are many fast and efficient ways to boost your smile – carried out by a professional and experienced cosmetic dentist.

It’s absolutely essential you consult a fully qualified dentist for any procedures designed to boost your smile. Whilst the internet is awash with supposed “cheats” to achieve a beautiful smile, with everything from cider vinegar to turmeric being hailed the latest teeth whitening treatment, there really isn’t a way to cheat your way to the perfect smile. In fact, with its highly acidic nature, vinegar is one of the worst things you can put on your teeth.

Only a dentist can deliver treatment that is safe, reliable, and gentle. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers so many ways to make over a smile that whatever your requirements, your dentist will find the perfect treatment for you.

Quick brightness boosters include:

Teeth whitening – Safe, reliable, and complete in as little as one hour, teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist makes your smile bright and beautiful.

Veneers – Thin shells of porcelain your dentist can use to create a complete smile makeover, or improve the look of a single tooth.

White fillings – Strong, durable, and natural in appearance, white fillings can safely replace metal ones.