Make Your Car Auction-Worthy

car auction

If you’re hoping to get a new car to replace an old model, there are many options to sell your old vehicle. But, whichever mode you choose, you need to research the value of your vehicle first. Many reputed websites such as Kelley Blue Book can give you information on your car’s true value. Generally, they can give you three values for the vehicle – the private sale value, the retail value and the trade in value. The wholesale value of the vehicle is usually the trade-in value.

Decide whether you plan to sell your car at an auction in an auto house like Pickles Auctions or through an online website. Consider the listing and shipping charges before making this choice. Normally, a fee is charged by the auto house organising the sales. Regardless of whether the car sells or not, the fee is still collected. If the car sells above the reserve price fixed, a predetermined percentage is to be paid to the auto house or the website.

Through an Auto-Auction House

If you choose the first option, visit a local auto house and check out the total fees involved. You can take the vehicle, so professionals can assess it properly. Many used car dealers and individual buyers visit these houses. So, if you’re prepared to sell your vehicle at its trade-in value, your chances of selling the vehicle quickly increases significantly. The cars are exhibited before the bidding process begins.

Through an Online Auto Auction

If you choose the online option, understand the fees and all the guidelines related to the selling vehicles on their site. Be honest and list all the issues of the vehicle directly, both good and bad. Upload a couple of good pictures of the vehicle. Any misrepresentation at the sale may require you to refund the payment and lose all online privileges.

While fixing the cost of the vehicle, choose among the following – best offer, reserve or no-reserve. With the best-offer option, you can accept the best offer at any point of the sale. With the reserve option, if the reserve price is not met, even the highest bidder cannot win the bid.

Prior to parting with your vehicle, give it some shine and sparkle. You can also vacuum in the insides and give it a good cleaning, too. For the online sale, take good and clear pictures using a digital camera.

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