Low Maintenance: The Beauty of Natural Fibre Carpets and Rugs

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Natural fibre is a versatile, beautiful option for carpets and rugs. It is exceptionally easy to clean and durable to boot. Made of dried plant fibres, these carpets add a touch of warmth to your home that complements virtually any colour palette.

A Durable, Low Maintenance Option

Natural fibres are resistant to stains because of their fibrousness. You only need to have it cleaned every once in a while. Carpet Bright UK, a carpet cleaner service in Crawley, recommends that you avoid exposing the material to fluids as it may promote the growth of microbes. Other than that, cleaning and maintaining the material requires minimal fuss.

Since natural fibre carpets consist of a dense weave of waxy strands made of plant fibre, they typically collect less dust and debris than your standard carpet. You can vaccum the area as normal, and simply wipe away any spills with a dry cloth.

The fibres are very durable and hold up well against constant friction, making it a perfect choice for high traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways.

Complements Any Colour Scheme

While dyed fibre rugs exist, the majority of the rugs available come in their original, natural colours. Natural fibre does not hold up well to the dye process, which is why carpet and rug makers prefer to keep them non-dyed, with minimal use of chemicals.

Natural rugs come in varying shades of brown, cream, and sandy yellow. These shades complement practically any colour scheme, from bright greens to warm reds.

Versatile, Varied Texture

Natural fibre carpets come in a variety of different materials, including jute, hemp, and sisal. These fibres have a rough, textured look and add character to any room. It plays well with the rest of your decor and breaks the monotony of smooth floors and walls.

Natural fibre will always be a top choice for homeowners who want a low maintenance carpet that looks both trendy and chic.