Loft Conversions Made Easy

Loft being painted with white

Aside from being a source of space, loft conversions can add value to your home. It is not unusual for a house with a converted loft to bring in as much as 45,000 to 70,000 pounds in the Greater London area.

Around Beckenham, loft conversions are a great way to extend your home’s living space or add an extra room. They are easy to do and require few permits. But if all this planning overwhelms you, here are a few tips for your very first loft conversion:

Loft Logistics

While most lofts are applicable for conversion, not all conversions are the same. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the type of loft conversion you want before even hammering the first nail.

Rooflight loft conversions are the simplest to make and therefore the most cost-effective. Dormer conversions are famous for their ability to increase light and space while utilising the most headroom. With a Dormer conversion, your roof’s structure is altered at the sides or rear of your home to add a large, box-type Dormer.

Hip-to-gable conversions, usually found on single-detached homes, are built by removing the hipped or slanted side of your roof and building an end wall upright to form a new gable.

Mansard loft conversions are built by replacing one or both sloping sides of your roof with very steep sloping sides and a flat roof. This type of conversion adds the most volume to any home.

Calculating Costs

How much you spend on a conversion will depend on how much your home is. So before starting the conversion, first consider the ceiling price of your street.

If you are considering selling your home after the conversion, you want your property’s final value to increase by at least as much as you spend on the conversion itself. However, this price can still be affected by your street’s ceiling price, so it is essential to do your research and not overspend.

Loft conversions, when done right, are a great way to increase space in your home. If you’ve ever dreamed of adding a game room, home theatre, or just a spare guest room, then consider converting your loft.