Living Near Green Areas Contributes to Your Child’s Development

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Choosing a home is more than just looking for stable structures. A home has to be strategically located in such a way that it’s beneficial to your child’s upbringing. It has to be spacious yet safe for recreational activities kids are fond of doing.

It’s for those reasons that residential property developers from Westbrook recommend living in estates with parks, gardens and other green spaces. They agree that living near those areas positively contribute towards a child’s development.

Nature play and your child’s development

Having a green space nearby for recreational activities contribute to health and overall wellbeing.  A Swedish study showed that nature play is good for children’s health. Those who spend more time in natural environments have less illness and better physical ability than those in human-designed environments.

Another study supported the claim. Researchers revealed that people who live across parks and green spaces tend to be healthier and less likely to become overweight. They also found that parks are alternative disease prevention measures.

How it happens

Living near green allows kids to develop healthy and fit bodies. Prolonged contact with bacteria improves their resistance to diseases, making them less likely to fall ill. They also get the workout they need to become healthy and fit at the same time.

Playing in a natural environment helps enhance mental capacity as well. The clean, fresh air improves the brain’s function. Kids can think and process their surroundings better through frequent exposure to oxygen-rich environments like parks.

Nature play contributes to a person’s growth apart from health. Playing outdoors with other people develops speech and language capabilities. Kids will learn how to talk and listen at the same time, thus improving communication and social skills as well.

There are many things to consider when looking for a child-friendly home. The location has to be safe and conducive for your child’s growth and development. It should allow kids to enjoy and discover life without sacrificing their health and safety. Living near green spaces is one way to give your kids a bright future.