Living in London on a Budget: 5 Awesome Tips for Students

Big Ben on a sunny day

One of the first lessons you will learn when you study in London is that this is not a cheap city. For many travellers, London is among the most expensive cities to stay in the world, yet they keep coming back. As a student, how could you live in London on a budget? Read on to find out.

Look for an affordable accommodation

Rent will take up a significant part of your budget, so LHA London suggests that you decide carefully where to stay. Take your time to find an affordable student accommodation in London. The trick is to stay away from affluent areas where rent is high. If you are patient enough, you are sure to get a good deal.

Use your student card

Use your student card to get discounts at banks, movies, restaurants, museums and many other places. Every penny counts and adds up to your savings.

Save on transport

Forget the car, the tube, the bus, and other transport vehicles that you must pay for; buy a bicycle instead. This is an easy way to save on transportation costs and stay fit.

Beware of expensive hobbies

Everyone needs a hobby to relieve some stress and live a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, some hobbies require hefty amounts of money to sustain. London offers many options for those who want to spend their money wisely. Walk into one of the beautiful parks in the city or one of the zoos and have a good time without spending too much.

Save on your telephone bills

You will need to use your mobile phone many times during your stay in London. To save more, choose pay-as-you-go options to limit the amount you spend on calls every day.

Life in London will be interesting if you can afford it. Regardless of the amount of money you have, taking a few smart steps can make your stay in the city much easier.