Literally a Bun in the Oven: Why Pregnant Women Always Feel Hot

Pregnant Woman

There’s a reason being pregnant is also called having a bun in the oven: you feel hotter than the usual. But what exactly is the real deal between the heat and the bump?

The Literal Bun in the Oven

According to Utah health experts, during pregnancy, the body increases the blood volume, so the growing baby gets the nourishment they need. But to bear all that surge in blood, the vessels dilate, allowing blood to come to the surface, which then results in feeling hot.

During the third trimester, the metabolic rate increases, so that also adds to the heat you’re feeling. And remember, you’re carrying extra weight, right? That means you sweat more when you move around and do activities.

And when you sweat excessively, you lose a lot of water in the body. This is the reason many pregnant women are at risk for heat exhaustion.

Calm and Cool Pregnancy

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep cool during pregnancy. If it’s possible to stay at home, that would better. Keep your bedroom comfortably chilly by leaving the AC for an hour before you sleep. Just make sure though that your unit functions well.

Otherwise, it will not only make cooling impossible but might affect indoor air quality as well, which spells bad for you and your baby. Call experts in air conditioning; Utah specialists such as Whipple Service Champions are more than capable of inspecting your unit to ensure it’s in good working condition.

When going outside, it’s best to carry a bottle of cold water always. Staying hydrated is important. You can also bring a mini fan and spray bottle filled with water, which you can use on your face when feeling a little hot.

Some pharmacies offer water sprays mixed with other cooling agents, so you might want to check those out. Be sure to wear loose clothing as well. Clothes made of cotton or other natural fibers are effective in absorbing heat.

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes, including feeling hotter than usual. Keep your cool while carrying that bun in the oven by keeping in mind these tips.