Leather Sofas: Designing Luxurious Lounges on a Budget

A leather sofa has an elegance of its own. This is the statement piece when you want to stand out.It can be difficult, however, to design a lounge with dark-coloured leather sofas. The key is to recognise that most of them give lounges a strong look. You need to create balance and soften their effects.


Here are some ideas:

Use Contrast

When designing a room with cheap leather sofas and couches, consider creating a soft background through light shades. As leather furniture pieces can make a room look dreary, use a soft, cool hue for the walls instead of stark white paint. Create a striking, but balanced effect by using blue grey or pale sky colour for the walls to match your brown sofa. You can also use sage, gold, and muted terra cotta on the walls to pair with brown furniture. Neutral colours for the carpet, such as taupe or beige or pine wood flooring will make brown sofas stand out.

Create Variety

You do not need to have a room full of leather furniture to match your sofa. A better way to design a room is to use the leather sofa as a centrepiece and complement it with other pieces of different materials. For instance, you can get a few pieces of upholstered chairs to go with your sofa.

Liven up the Lounge

Make your lounge inviting by adding a pop of colour. Bold, vibrant hues will liven up the space and tone down the cold, formal look that often comes with leather furniture. Use accessories, such red throw pillows, orange throws and green curtains. You can also hang colourful artworks and use an area rug to brighten up the space.

Leather sofas are comfortable pieces that are nice to have in the lounge. Do not miss out on the fun just because you do not know how to incorporate them in the room.