Lay Off the Prosecco to Protect Your Teeth

Prosecco is a sparkling white wine from Italy that has grown in popularity among the British. Statistics showed that in 2016, the British drank 40 million litres of the drink. Stores have sold out all their stocks of the beverage due to high demand. In spite of the widespread popularity of the drink, however, dentists in Walsall warn that Prosecco drinkers may be putting their smiles at risk.

Prosecco Smile

The specialists at The Priory Dental Practice note that Prosecco drinkers put themselves at risk of a “Prosecco smile.” This smile refers to the onset of tooth decay due to consumption of the said drink. The condition begins when your teeth loosen and come out of your gums. Just under the gum, you’ll find a soft white line, which indicates the beginnings of tooth decay.

Damaging Agents

Prosecco is highly acidic and is high in sugar – both of which can damage your teeth. Prosecco can be especially harmful, however, since the drink contains carbon, sugar, and alcohol. This triple threat can cause your teeth to become sensitive and your teeth enamel to erode.

Easy to Drink

Now, you may think that drinking only a little bit of Prosecco can preserve your teeth. Doing this may be effective, but it is easy to drink Prosecco continuously without noticing.

Highly Acidic

You might also be thinking that you can just brush your teeth after drinking to protect your smile. Unfortunately, doing so would only damage your teeth more. The acidity of the beverage can soften your enamel. When you brush immediately after drinking Prosecco, you only risk more damage. It would be wiser to brush your teeth a few hours after drinking the wine, to allow your enamel to recover in the meantime.

Many beverages and food can cause damage to your teeth, so it is vital to consume them in moderation. Maintaining good oral hygiene is also important to keep your teeth healthy.