Kybella: A Nonsurgical Solution to Get Rid of Fats below the Neck

A woman wrapping a measuring tape around her waist Noninvasive plastic surgical treatment has become increasingly popular in the United States. Statistics show an increasing trend towards nonsurgical aesthetic procedures due to shorter perioperative time, faster recovery, and lower bleeding risk.

Nowadays, Kybella injection is an alternative technique that enables cell dissolution in fat-rich regions of the face and chin.

How Is Kybella Done?

Kybella is a modern plastic surgical procedure that involves an injection of deoxycholic acid (DC), which is a compound normally produced in the digestive system. This acid derived from bacteria undergoes release upon dissolution of food in the intestines.

A cosmetic surgeon usually injects DC in the submental area, which is the area below the chin, to induce fat dissolution.

How Does Kybella Injection Work?

Deoxycholic acid is a potent compound that triggers the fat reduction in moderate or severe submental fat. It destroys the architecture of fat cells to promote the release of components outside their compartments. As cell breakdown occurs, dissolution and release of fat ensue.

DC also enhances the capacity of the body to absorb and metabolize lipids for faster elimination in your system. This results in decreased fat deposits and tighter skin surface in the submental area.

How Often Should I Undergo Kybella?

The complete effect of fat dissolution induced by the best Kybella treatment Beverly Hills – a procedure offered in clinics such as Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills – is present after 30 days. Most plastic surgeons recommend at least four sessions to attain significant changes in appearance.

For individuals with low skin elasticity and severe submental fat, doctors recommend more than four sessions to achieve its full effect. You also develop a twofold decreased risk of fat recurrence in the areas below your chin.

Due to its location, submental fat significantly affects the appearance of your face and neck. Unfortunately, regular diet and exercise may be insufficient to get rid of stubborn fat deposits.

Thus, it is crucial to undergo Kybella treatment to enhance your aesthetic appearance and increase your self-esteem.