Keep the Anxiety Away: Ways to Relax on the Dental Chair

The use of IV sedation is becoming popular in the United States, as it allows people with anxiety and fear of the dental chair to undergo necessary procedures. About 40 million Americans are foregoing dental visits because of anxiety, and many have full-blown phobia. If you are anxious about a dental procedure, do not be ashamed to tell the dentist. With the use of moderate to strong sedatives in dental offices, you may receive treatment minus the associated psychological trauma.

When is it advisable to use sedatives?

With the help of sedation dentistry, Boise residents will not have to go far to experience pain- and trauma-free dental services. Dentists also want your oral health issues resolved immediately, so you should not be ashamed to express your fears. Some dentists even recommend sedatives to patients who will undergo complex and invasive extractions even if they do not have dental phobia.

Dental procedures are easier to implement if the patient is relaxed. A dentist who has experience in using IV sedatives and similar formulations will not hesitate to recommend it if it will help the patient relax.

What are the kinds of sedation used in dentistry?

To achieve a deep relaxation, the most effective method is IV sedation. The dentist will put you into a “twilight sleep” by injecting a drug into your vein. Hence, the term “IV” or intravenous sedation. As explains, “While the process of administering the medication is similar to general anesthesia, sedation dentistry is different, and can be administered by outside of a hospital.”

Relaxation may be achieved using laughing gas or nitrous oxide, although the effect is not as strong as the first method. A third alternative is available to patients with anxiety. Oral sedation uses drugs or anti-anxiety drugs to calm you down.

If you are wondering about whether you are eligible for IV sedation dental services, call to your dentist. Before you set an appointment, make sure the dentist is licensed to perform sedation. Explore available options to promote relaxation on the dental chair, and get it over with sooner than later.