Keep ‘Em Healthy: Wellness Programs for Employees

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Investing in your employee’s health will make your business healthy as well. By implementing wellness programs at the workplace, you can show your employees that you value their health.

Health Incentive Programs

Motivate your employees to stay healthy with a dynamic health incentive program. Offer rewards for employees who engage in healthy behaviors. You can do this covering an additional amount of the cost of health and medical insurance for employees with healthy body mass index, blood sugar reading, and other biometric markers.

Corporate Wellness Program

Apart from employee medical insurance, you can also offer your employees with a fitness club membership. This keeps them fit, focused, and helps your business run at peak performance. Partner with a fitness and wellness center that offer corporate wellness package for employees. This allows you as a company to contribute towards your employees’ health and fitness.

Weight Management Education

Consult a registered dietician to offer a talk on the principles of nutrition in a fun format. This will empower employees to implement lifestyle modifications that focus on increasing physical activity and improving nutrition. Education programs like these can be tailored to your schedule and number of participants.

Healthy Food Options

Offer your employees with healthy meal snack and options to fuel their performance while meeting their nutritional needs. Consider replacing sodas with healthy drinks, such as juice or sparkling water, or replace your vending machine junk foods with healthier snacks. You can also stock lunchrooms with fresh fruits once a week and make sure that the office cafeteria has healthy meal options.

Other Health Awareness Schemes

Invite local nutritionist or a personal trainer to come in for a lunch-and-learn event with employees. You can also encourage employees to form teams for physical activities and support community events like charity walks and fun run.

Invest in the health of your workers with these wellness programs. A healthier and motivated workforce is happier and more productive.