Install a Waterproofing System During Construction

A basement being waterproofed

When building a new dream home, the homeowners generally concentrate on various aesthetic and utility aspects. This will include the size of the kitchen, the colour scheme of the rooms, the bathroom location and fixtures and much more. But not all homeowners give the same kind of importance to maintenance aspect of the property.

Keeps your home dry

A good waterproofing system should also be an essential component of home construction as it will keep the home dry and clean. There are many waterproofing suppliers in Australia like Waterproofing Direct, who can suggest good systems that will suit your needs and budget. This system can prevent leakages in the interiors due to water pipe leaking etc., and also prevent water from entering your home from the outside.

Waterproofing is essential

Ask your building contractor to install a good functional waterproofing system. This should include weeping tiles, membranes, sump pumps and other critical aspects. If you do not do this, remember that water can cause flooding in your basement and leakage can damage your foundation too. Moisture and water leaks can cause damage to your valuable furniture and also lead to the growth of moulds. If leakages are neglected for a long time, the value of your home can reduce in the market.

Installation during construction is recommended

Thus it is clear that you need a waterproofing system. If you do not do this during construction, you will have to remove the ceiling and flooring to install the system later. This can get very expensive, time-consuming and is a laborious process.

So, talk to your builder and have waterproofing installed while you build your new home. If installed in the interior of the home or basement correctly, the system will ensure moisture and water removal from your home. External waterproofing system helps prevent water leaking into your home with the aid of a drainage membrane that will be installed around the foundation.

This is a proactive measure to keep your home safe and dry and is best undertaken before the damage is done.