Inspiring Stories of Celebrities Who Overcame Addiction Problems


Some of the most sought-after leading men in Hollywood have had a trip or two to drug rehab centers. Underneath the fame and glamor, some of the biggest male stars have a hidden past involving substance use. What makes these celebrities admirable is their goal to be free from the addiction.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Utah and other places in the US have recognized the efforts of celebrities who aim to lead a straight life. They encourage other people to follow the footsteps of these stars in overcoming drug and alcohol dependence.

Here are five of the most surprising stars who have owned up to having an addiction:

Daniel Radcliffe

During his interview with GQ Magazine, Daniel Radcliffe admitted his drinking problem. He stated that the problem began during the sixth installment of the Harry Potter movie. Radcliffe relates how he was dependent on whisky even during filming days. The 25-year-old actor confessed that he has been sober since 2010.

Robert Downey Jr.

The actor who swept many women off their feet back in the ‘90s is no stranger to alcohol, drugs, and the consequences that stem from these. Robert Downey Jr. made headlines when he admitted his first taste of drugs at the age of six.  He was sent behind bars more than a couple of times, but was able to escape the chains of addiction ever since. He is one of the known superstars who managed to recover from addiction and stage a successful comeback in Hollywood.

Jon Hamm

The classy star of the massive hit show “Mad Men” checked himself into a rehab center earlier this year, leaving fans shocked with the revelation. Jon Hamm reportedly spent 30 days in rehab treatment. His long-time partner and actress Jennifer Westfeldt supported his decision to enter rehab. Fans are happy to know that Hamm will still appear in the concluding episodes of the 60s-themed TV show.

Addiction is no laughing matter. These celebrities deserve all the respect for boldly taking the initiative to overcome their problems. They showed people that a good beginning awaits everyone after recovering from addiction.

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