Industrial Packaging Companies Need to Keep Adapting to New Technologies

Packaging Tape with holder

Commercial and industrial packaging is a dynamic industry with constantly improving needs. Today’s packaging needs demand the use of renewable and recyclable resources. At the same time, wholesalers want easy to use solutions and technologies.

Packline Solutions recommends choosing an industrial packaging company that has a wide range of products and services. These can include wholesale packaging supplies, bleeding edge technologies and packaging supplies.

New Technologies

Companies spend an average of 10% of their revenues on research and development. In packaging, these go into new materials, processes and machines. It should not be a surprise that new technologies are always being introduced to the market. These are meant to give new benefits to manufacturers, including lower costs, faster production processes, stronger materials, innovative features and others.

There are also new technologies for digital printing with no priming or coating, which would lower the cost of materials. The innovation can be across the board or for specific products like new Vento coffee bags or new closure liners.

Benefits to Manufacturers and their Customers

The manufacturing process incorporates the packaging of the finished product. This is typically the last step in the process. Integrating this process solves some distribution problems and concerns at the source. Streamlining the process at the plant results in increased savings for the manufacturer.

The savings, in turn, can be realised as revenue or passed on to the customers in lower prices, which lead to increased sales. The economics of production and sales take a turn every time new processes and materials are introduced to the manufacturing process.

Packaging is not just about the material or the design. The materials likewise need to be appropriate for the product packaging. Printing on corrugated carton usually just adds weight, and it may not be necessary since the customer does not see the whole box anyway. The bottom line is that it encompasses the whole manufacturing process and envelops it in the marketing material.