Increase Property Value When Selling Your House

Increase Value of Your House in PerthSelling your house like a pro can be difficult — even when you have an agent to advise you and do some legwork. Experts say that a house with a reasonable price could be sold from anywhere between 10 to 21 days, depending on the market. For overpriced homes, you can expect a much longer listing.

Some sellers scramble to fit their house with the best improvements without thinking about how much of these costs they can recover when the sale takes place. Keep in mind that you may have to spend a specific amount if you want a house than can sell faster, but it doesn’t have to go over the budget.

To keep you from losing money or selling low, and home improvement specialists list some things you can do to make your home attractive to buyers without overhauling everything:

Fix everything that needs improvement

If there are broken doorknobs, squeaky hinges, creaky stairs, faulty pipes or leaks, make these your priority. Being able to say that your home needs zero repairs means a buyer can move in without problems at all.

Get a fresh paint job

Prioritise your exterior paint job. Professional painters can use reflective, energy-saving paint that helps your home achieve a more liveable temperature during hot or cold months and avoid relying too much on HVAC. Make sure you fix the cracks and rotten trimmings before you call in your painters.

Take out personal items

If you’re still living in the house you’re planning to sell, leave at least half of the contents of your closet or better yet remove everything. Some buyers are turned off when they see personal touches of the previous owner. They also find it more difficult to imagine your house as theirs when you have photos, awards, collections and personal items out in the open.

Throw in great freebies

Leave your 42-inch LED TV, your washer-dryer combo or even your home security system to the new homeowners. You’ll not only save on moving services, but also make your home even more attractive to buyers.

Selling your home fast is great, but remember that you still have to get a good price. Take note of the things mentioned above and you just might be able to sell your home faster than you think.