In Search for Narrow Lot Builders ? Takea Look at This

When you’ve got a limited amount of land area to build your home, it makes sense to go with narrow lot houses. Narrow lots are a challenge all on their own and require a different perspective in order to make the most out of the space.

When choosing narrow lot builders, the following are some considerations to bear in mind:

Experience with Small Lots

Ask whether they’ve built in small lots before and whether they can provide references. This insight will tell you the quality of their service not just with the results but also with timeliness.

Handling Community Restrictions

Don’t forget to ask them how they propose to handle community restrictions often imposed when building in residential or commercial properties. Legal easements are often required and your builder should know how to comply with these regulations without causing injury to your architectural preferences.


Ask whether they’re capable of producing the items you need or will simply offer basic labour. For example, while some builders can buy tiles for you through their contacts, others will want you to buy the tiles and they will handle the installation. Ideally, the builder should be able to handle everything but this might not always be the case.

Architectural Talks

Your builder should be able to work well with your architect or the person who designed the structure. Ideally, the designer should be a part of the builder’s company, but this isn’t always possible. Make sure to show your building plans to the builder and see what insights they can provide in making it possible.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask about the pricing of the build. Try to be specific about what’s included in the cost such as parts, labour, and should there be any delays. Look for a company with sufficient insurance to cover their people should there be any problems on the job site.

Bottom line: Go for the company that has the expertise and the experience in building quality homes that meet one’s budget and lifestyle needs.